Underwater Treadmill (UWT) Competition Draw – 2018 /9

Competition Rules, Terms & Conditions

1) We are celebrating London Vet Show 2018, NAVC (North American Veterinary Congress) 2019
and the AVA (Australian Veterinary Asccosiation) congress 2019 by having a lucky draw for one
of our newest model, top of the range K9-2300PRO underwater treadmills (UWT) – fully
installed as per your practice’s needs.

2) This will be a promotional event running with and /or through the time space of the London Vet
Show 2018 (LVS), though not limited to the LVS only, continuing if necessary through to / or
even beyond the AVA, held in Perth, Australia in May 2019

3) To be eligible for the draw any person / company / business needed to have purchased at least
one (1) ticket to the value of R1520 (+- GBP75 / USD$100 / 90 Euro) for the competition from
our website – www.aquatread.co.za – payment by credit / debit card or EFT.

4) Participants do not have to attend LVS 2018, NAVC 2019 or AVA 2019 to take part in the UWT
draw. Anyone can take part from anywhere!

5) Participants will have to furnish AQUATREAD with a valid email address and telephone
number and will receive an appropriate ticket draw number directly from the website with the
purchase. Only 500 tickets will be available for this draw. Participants may aquire any no of
tickets. Ticket numbers will automatically be generated by the website form and will be your
draw no, etc.: ORDER NO: #849. Specific numbers cannot be requested or chosen. You can
follow the website and see how many tickets are sold / left to be purchased.

6) The competition will be a worldwide promotional “random lucky draw” event, marketed mainly
through social media, email marketing, LVS, NAVC, the AVA and will not be limited to the UK
and or LVS as such and will be split into two (2) seperate draws – the first for prizes at LVS and
the second to establish the lucky winner of the UWT. The two draws may not necessarily be
held together at the same event or premises or date and it will be up to the organisors
discression to decide where and when.

7) All participants will be eligible for the UWT draw even if they have won a smaller prize at the
LVS event.

8) We will do a live draw at the AQUATREAD booth EQ79 at LVS 2018, regardless of how many
tickets are sold, to be posted on Facebook and or Instagram for the prizes that will be drawn at
the LVS (15-16 November 2018). Only participants who are actually present at the LVS event
to collect their prize, will be eligible for the prizes available at LVS. If a number is drawn and
the prize is not claimed within 15min, another number will be drawn until all prizes are claimed

and given away. The time of the draw will be decided by and in conjuction with the LVS
organisors and communicated to all participants present via the email addresses received and
actively displayed at our booth EQ79 at the LVS event. Similar draws may be held at the
organizor’s discretion at the NAVC and AVA events.

9) If all 500 tickets are sold prior to or during the LVS event, both draws will be held together at
LVS as stated in 5.

10) If not as stated in 8, the second draw, to establish the winner of the UWT, will only take place
once all the tickets (500) to a value of R1520.00 are sold.

11) The competition will immediately close upon the sale of ticket no 500 after which
AQUATREAD will decide when and notify all participants via email and have a random live
filmed draw, again as desribed in 8. If all the tickets are sold out fast, it may be up to the
organisor’s discression to have or organize another similar promotional event.

12) The winner will be notified via the valid email address supplied to AQUATREAD.

13) The draw will be final and at the discression of the organisors may be held at any Veterinary
practice or institution known to us who will want to be part of such an event for promotional

14) Shipping and installation will be included * – any building renovations and / or related
preparation work will be for the winner’s own account and must be organized and completed
before installation of the machine. Aquatread needs to be informed of all progress and/ or delays
timeously. * Read special additional conditions.

15) Our machines are manufactured and shipped from Cape Town, South Africa and the client will
be liable for the following: 1) GST / VAT payable to their country of export. 2) To buy their
own water storage tank of minimum 2500-3000 liters. All other costs are included in the prize.

16) If a machine is not immediately available or in the process of manufacturing, it may take up to 4
months to complete and ship to the appropriate country.

17) Close negotiations and contact with the client will have to be possible at all times. Consulting
and assistance on “how to” and all that is required to set up a rehab side at your practice will be
available via email at any given time – time zone differences appreciated.

Special conditions: (very important!)

The treadmills usually have no import duty to most countries. If the winner’s country of origin / or any
country where the winner wants the machine installed, have a different set of rules or imposes any
import duties/ taxes or additional charges / fees, such amounts arising from these rules / laws will be
for the winner to organize, settle and let Aquatread know once these amounts / charges are paid in full.
Aquatread’s export agents will usually let us know about additional charges / fees, which will in turn be
related to the winner for payment as per the appropriate authority’s requirements. If we do not hear /
know about such charges in advance, it will still be the winner’s responsibilty to organize and pay these
charges, so that import into such country will not be delayed or incur additional costs to Aquatread. If it
is not possible to bring the machine into such a country at all, an alternative country should be
nominated or the machine maybe offered for sale to someone else. Aquatread may assist, but will not
be solely responsible to find a buyer, alternative country or specific price.
This is an industrial machine for professional use and installation of the full system may only be done
by an Aquatread approved technician. The complete system / and or parts of it, will not be sent as a “do
it yourself” project. There are certain electrical, water and building requirements when installing/
acquiring an underwater treadmill. The normal requirements will apply.